Dr. Shawn T. Smith is a clinical psychologist based in Denver, Colorado.

He’s also the author of one of the most important books I’ve read over the past year.

The Tactical Guide to Women: How Men Can Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage is a comprehensive examination of the potential risks of marrying the wrong woman, and how unmarried men can determine whether or not a potential partner is a good choice for marriage.

More than that, it’s a solid overview of what makes a good long-term partner in relationships more generally, what are the “red flags” to watch out for, and how men can avoid the stereotypical nightmare-divorce scenario.

In addition to The Tactical Guide to Women, Dr. Shawn T. Smith is also the author of The Practical Guide to Men: How to Spot the Hidden Traits of Good Men and Great Relationships, a book that offers similar tools to modern women.

Shawn T Smith

In today’s episode of Humans in Love, Dr. Smith and I examine what makes a good marriage, what men and women should be looking for in a potential long-term partner, his own journey in marriage, the feasibility of open relationships, to what extent a person’s past should “matter” when making a marriage decision, and much more.

Hope you enjoy.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • The Tactical Guide to Women by Dr. Shawn T. Smith (Amazon)
  • The Practical Guide to Men by Dr. Shawn T. Smith (Amazon)
  • Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber (Amazon)

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