Raghu Markus is one of my favourite podcasters.

I was introduced to Raghu through his association with the author and speaker Ram Dass, and the Ram Dass Here and Now podcast. Raghu also hosts Mindrolling, which was a major inspiration for my own podcast.

Raghu is also a traveler, a meditator, a fellow India-enthusiast, and much more. He’s lived an enormously full and interesting life, traveling with Ram Dass and encountering many great spiritual teachers along the way. I was honoured to speak with him.

On today’s episode of Humans in Love I wish you a Happy New Year, and Raghu and I talk spirituality, ego dissolution, San Francisco in the late-60’s, Ram Dass, India, travel, dealing with the current political landscape, being here now, and waking up. This was one of my favourite conversations I’ve had for this podcast. I hope you enjoy.

Mentioned in today’s episode:

  • The Ram Dass Here and Now Podcast
  • Be Here Now by Ram Dass (Amazon)
  • Love Everyone by Parvati Markus (Amazon)

“Ram Dass, Going Home” (Netflix)

Connect with Raghu at: