(Part Two) Mark Lewisohn is the author of Tune In, the first volume of his masterful biography of the Beatles.

Tune In has garnered widespread acclaim and landed Mark the Penderlyn Music Book of the Year award.

Tune In has been widely celebrated for its depth and insight, leading most Beatle fans (a notoriously obsessive and fickle bunch), including this podcaster, to call it the best book on the band yet written. Aside from being one of the finest music historians of his generation, Mark Lewisohn is also exceptionally down to earth and frank, which makes him a hell of a conversationalist.

mark lewisohn
Mark Lewisohn photo credit Piet Schreuders

In part two of today’s two-part episode, Mark Lewisohn opens up about working (and occasionally sparring) with Paul and George, family life, writing, researching, interviewing, and the all of the unique challenges and joys associated with such a mammoth (and important) creative project.

And you can listen to Part One here.

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