What brings you the most joy and satisfaction? What do you do that gives you the most pleasure? What is your heart moved to give? What are your hands compelled to produce?

I believe that everyone has a unique gift, but I don’t mean it in the bestowed-from-on-high sense of the term “gift.” God doesn’t enter into what I’m writing about now.

I mean your gift — I mean something that is deep within you that you are instinctively moved to share with the world. I mean your contribution. I mean that thing that you love doing that makes you feel good, and also makes others feel good. I also mean that thing that you occasionally hate doing, but know, deep down, you have to do. Some people call it a “fire,” but I’m not crazy about the term — sounds too destructive. Your gift is creative. Your gift is your legacy. Your gift is your life force made manifest in the world…

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