In today’s solo episode of Humans in Love, I share my thoughts on breakups.

More specifically, how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and recover from a breakup.

Responding to a reader/listener going through a rough time.

This is a new type of format for this podcast.

In “With a Grain of Salt” episodes, I will respond to reader questions, rant and rave, or simply share my thoughts of the moment. All of this is meant to be taken with–you guessed it–an enormous grain of salt.

Some of you will dig it, some of you won’t, but either way, please know that this will be an occasional episode format for the show–I’ll still feature guests on a regular basis, same as before.

I hope you dig, though. Never hesitate to share your thoughts.

In unrelated news, I started #soberOctober yesterday with a few friends. No booze (or any other illicit substances) for a month.

Wish us luck–and if you’re participating, say hello on Instagram. #brothersinsoberarms

Featured in today’s episode:

  • “I’m Alive” by Jackson Browne (if you enjoy the song, please support the artist. And please don’t sue me, Mr. Browne.)

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