Earth, Wind & Fire are due for their next big break.

Those words look odd on the page, given the fact that the band has sold around 90 million records worldwide, putting them among the top 50 or so bestselling acts of all-time; not to mention the fact that they’ve won six Grammys, have been inducted into just about every relevant hall of fame in the United States, and were chosen by President Obama as the first act to perform at the White House just a few weeks after he moved in. Not a bad musical resume, in any estimation.

But in the midst of the disco renaissance of the past few years (Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, etc.), Earth, Wind & Fire are rarely given their due. Despite the fact that any DJ in the world will tell you that the opening notes of “Let’s Groove” retain the power to bring any party, anywhere, to the next level, and “September” still has the ability to make even the whitest of white people get up and dance, Earth, Wind & Fire are under-recognized by my generation as one of the most important dance music acts of all-time…

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