Humans in Love is a podcast for curious people.

Humans in Love podcast gave me exceptionally good questions… giving me a welcome chance to say new things. – award-winning author Mark Lewisohn (Episode 1)

This is the best and most thoughtful podcast I’ve done on my book ‘Sensation’… Incredibly impressed… Excellence is here. – best-selling author Isabel Losada (Episode 3)

HUMANS IN LOVE is a venue for wide-ranging conversations concerning culture, relationships, and personal development from unconventional perspectives.

Featuring interviews with authors, musicians, coaches, entrepreneurs, travelers, and a wide range of others, Humans in Love is a podcast for humans who want more out of life and love.

Think of it as “self-improvement” that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

One week we might be talking about sex, relationships, and world travel, the next we might be unpacking a bestselling author’s creative process.

No subject is off-limits in Humans in Love, as host and guests share revealing personal stories and explore the unique challenges associated with becoming a better human in the 21st century.

The three essential prerequisites for Humans in Love listeners and guests alike are 1) lust for life, 2) a sense of humour, and 3) an open mind.

Humans in Love is hosted by author and coach Zachary Stockill, whose work on culture and personal development has been featured by BBC News, BBC Radio 4, The Sun, The Huffington Post, Knowledge for Men, The Art of Charm, and many others.

Described by one generous listener as “Anthony Bourdain meets Alan Watts,” Zachary is the author of the guidebook Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy, and the founder and head coach at, where he has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women in over 180 countries overcome jealousy and possessiveness in their relationships.

In 2016 Zachary hosted the podcast Travels in Music, which was featured as ‘New & Noteworthy’ by iTunes US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more, cracking the top-20 podcast charts in several of those countries. Over the past decade, Zachary has interviewed Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winners, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alumni, NYT best-selling authors, even a former Beatle.

Humans in Love picks up where Travels in Music left off, exploring an even wider range of topics, stories, and insights from some of the planet’s most interesting and insightful people. Guests include world-renowned Beatles authority Mark Lewisohn, legendary psychotherapist Dr. Brad Blanton, and best-selling author Isabel Losada, to name a few.

humans in love

Humans in Love is available worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, and just about anywhere else podcasts can be listened to.

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List of Humans in Love episodes:

53 – Marriage, Masculinity, Men’s Issues and More with Dr. Shawn T. Smith

52 – Building Better Relationships with Jennifer Lehr, MFT

51 – What is Polyamory? with Dr. Elisabeth Sheff

50 – Rational Selfishness and Open Marriages with Caleb Jones

49 – What is Embodiment (and Why Does it Matter?) with Mark Walsh

48 – Sex, Masculinity, and God with Cadell Last, Ph.D.

47 – No More Mr. Nice Guy and the Hero’s Journey with Dr. Michael Pariser

46 – How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex ft. Dr. Stephen Snyder

45 – Love Under Lockdown, Drugs, God and More with Dr. Robert Glover

44 – Maintaining Passion in Long-Term Relationships with Uriel and Blandine

43 – Reclaiming the Masculine in Relationship with G.S. Youngblood

42 – Mission, Purpose, Open Marriages, and Jealousy with Caleb Jones

41 – A Soundtrack for Social Distancing

40 – Recovering our Humanity in a Time of Trouble with Stephen Jenkinson

39 – Love in the Time of Coronavirus

38 – Defining our Legacy and Discovering our Purpose with Jordan Luke Collier

37 – Navigating Conflict in Relationships with Jordan Luke Collier

36 – “Ain’t No Cure for Love:” On Love, Loss, and Leonard Cohen

35 – From Stock Broker to Ayahuasca Shaman with Zach Poitra

34 – Overcoming Jealousy and Growing in Love with Maria Blandine Wegener

33 – Tantric Lovemaking & Long-Term Relationships with Maria Blandine Wegener

32 – Ram Dass, the Spiritual Path, and Making Music with East Forest

31 – Pickup Artistry, Long-Term Relationships, and Marriage with David Tian, Ph.D

30 – Overcoming Anxiety and Telling Better Stories with Kyle Gray

29 – Dating Essentials for Men with Dr. Robert Glover

28 – Facing Mortality and Being Here Now with James Batcho

27 – Making Love Last, and Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow with Marnia Robinson and ‘Anya’

26 – Long-Distance Relationships, Parenting, “Unschooling” and more with Sam Lawrence

25 – Non-Conformity, Slow Travel, and Making Marriage Work with Sam Lawrence

24 – Making Music and Living Leonard Cohen with Sylvie Simmons [Bonus Episode]

23 – ‘Can Men and Women Be Friends?” Jealousy and More with Jordan Luke Collier

22 – Goal-Setting, Presence, and Simplicity with Jordan Luke Collier

21 – Love, Serve, Remember with Raghu Markus

20 (Part Two) – Intimacy, Presence, and Sexual Continence for Women with Maria Blandine Wegener

20 (Part One) – Faith, Spirituality, and a Woman’s Tantric Path with Maria Blandine Wegener

19 – Managing Risk in Marriage and Dating with Dr. Shawn T. Smith

18 – The Danger of Pornography, Masturbation, and #NoFap with GoldJacketLuke

17 – Building Better Relationships, and No More Mr. Nice Guy with Dr. Robert Glover

16 – For the Love of Hockey (and Hustling!) with Mike Commito, PhD

15 – On Breakups (With a Grain of Salt)

14 (Part Two) – An Introduction to the Tantric Path with Uriel Yariv

14 (Part One) – What is Tantra? An Attempt at Demystification with Uriel Yariv

13 – Navigating Casual Sex, Non-Monogamy, and Consent with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova

12 – A Culinary World Tour with Chef and Entrepreneur Dustin Joseph

11 – Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy: An Introduction (With Me!)

10 (Part Two) – Cheating Death, Loving Women, and Searching for Meaning with Jordan Luke Collier

10 (Part One) – Journeys in the Land of Women with Jordan Luke Collier

9 – Anthony Bourdain, Grief, Depression, and Creating Better Connections with Brad and Carsie Blanton

8 – BONUS: Meditating with the Beatles in India with Paul Saltzman

7 – Breakup Monologues, Standup Comedy, and ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’ with Rosie Wilby

6 – Essential Dating Advice for Men, Weddings, Pickup Artistry, and Dr. Nerdlove’s “Dark Night of the Soul”

5 – The Magic of Movies, Storytelling, Travel, and (Not) Guilty Pleasures with James Batcho

4 – Songwriting, Open Marriages, “Hooks, Humour, Sex, and Soul” with Carsie Blanton

3 – Sustaining Great Sex in Long-Term Relationships, and the Folly of “Chasing Orgasms” with Isabel Losada

2 – Jealousy, Relationships, and “How to Get Over Shit and Be Happy” with Dr. Brad Blanton

1 (Part Two) – Mark Lewisohn on Creativity, Conflict, and Living and Breathing the Beatles

1 (Part One) – Beatles Authority Mark Lewisohn on Travel, Duty, the Creative Process, and the World’s Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band

0 – Welcome to Humans in Love! (Or, Who Is This Guy and What Am I Listening To?


Travels in Music Podcast:

19. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: Bill Brewster on the Artistry and History of the Disc Jockey

18. I’m Your Man: Sylvie Simmons on Montreal, Making Music, and the Life of Leonard Cohen

17. On Chicago, Hip Hop, and Finding Freedom in Northern Thailand: A Conversation with Binkey

16. From Delhi 2 Dublin: Sanjay Seran on Charting Your Own Course in the 21st Century Music Business

15. The Chitlin’ Circuit and the Road to Rock n’ Roll: Preston Lauterbach on Rock’s Forgotten Pioneers

14. Around The World With The Rolling Stones: Rich Cohen Shares a Personal History

13. War, Refugee Week, and the Healing Power of Music: Lis Murphy from Music Action International

12. India Psychedelic: Sidharth Bhatia shares the Untold Story of the Indian Rock Music Scene of the ’60’s and ’70’s

11. Meditating with the Beatles in India: Paul Saltzman Shares his Remarkable Story

10. Wheeler Walker Jr. talks Drinking, Twitter Wars, and the Sorry State of Modern Country Music

9. Spinning Mambo into Salsa: Exploring the History of Salsa Dancing with Juliet McMains

8. Vagabonding: Rolf Potts on the Geto Boys, ‘Letting the Battery Die,’ and Twenty Years of World Travel

7. “Sound and Vision:” Remembering David Bowie, Song by Song, with Author Chris O’Leary

6. Beyond War and Terror: John Baily on the Music of Afghanistan, and 50 Years of World Travel

5. On the Road with Stevie Wonder: Jasmin Cruz talks Singing, Touring, and Chasing a Dream

4. What Made Frank Sinatra Great? Explaining (and Celebrating) New Jersey’s Favourite Son With Author Chuck Granata

3. Singing, Traveling, and Surviving with American vocalist Maya Azucena

2. The Weird World of Modern Pop Songwriting with New Yorker staff writer John Seabrook

1. The World’s Leading Beatles Historian, Author Mark Lewisohn

0. Introducing… Travels in Music! (Or, Who Is This Guy and What Am I Listening To?)