Ratings and reviews are crucial to the success of any podcast.

In short: they’re a big deal, and I need them to get exposed to more listeners.

A rating/review should only take you around thirty seconds.

So if you enjoy Humans in Love, and you’d like me to continue making episodes…

Leave a Rating/Review on Apple/iTunes:

Step One: Click the icon below to open Humans in Love in iTunes. Then click “View in iTunes.”

Step Two: Once iTunes is open and you’re on the Humans in Love page, click the “Ratings and Reviews” tab.

Step Three: Click the “Write a Review” button, give a star rating, and write a sentence or two about what you like about the podcast. Click ‘Submit’ and you’re done.

Or, if you’re not an Apple fan…

Leave a Rating/Review on Android/Stitcher:

Step One: Click here to open the Humans in Love page on Stitcher.

Step Two: Click on “Reviews”.

Step Three: Give a star rating, click the ‘Write a Review’ button, share a sentence or two about what you like about the podcast, click ‘Submit,’ and you’re done.

Thank-you so much for your review.

For 100 bonus points, tell a friend about the show!