G.S. Youngblood is an American coach, and the author of The Masculine in Relationship: A Blueprint for Inspiring the Trust, Lust, and Devotion of a Strong Woman.

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In this book is a model of Masculine groundedness that you can manifest in your relationship with a strong and capable woman.

Such a woman doesn’t settle for mediocre. She needs you to consistently follow through on your word, have purpose in life, remain grounded in the face of her intense emotion, make her feel safe, and provide leadership in the relationship. When that doesn’t happen, she may start to drift. Things between you will start to feel flat, contentious, or even toxic. To you, she will seem to nag and criticize more, and have less interest in sex. When she gets really angry, you’ll label it as “crazy” and blame her. But, in truth, she’s just expressing the pain of you not stepping up. It is a relationship arc that is all too common.

Fighting or defending yourself doesn’t resolve anything. Withdrawing into work or your phone just makes it worse. And contorting yourself to avoid conflict just kills her respect for you. The answer is to develop and live from your Masculine core.

This book shows you how in an actionable three-part framework: Respond vs. React, Provide Structure, and Create Safety. This is not the old model based on control, but a modern model based on clarity and leadership. This is not a manual for Alpha Dogs, nor a fuzzy spiritual guide. Rather, it is a clear set of principles that help you develop your Masculine leadership. And it doesn’t take anything away from Feminine power. It is a blueprint for inspiring your woman’s trust, lust, and devotion.

In today’s episode of Humans in Love, I had a great conversation with G.S. Youngblood about The Masculine in Relationship, recovering from breakups and divorce, how to live from your Masculine core, how to deal with conflict in your relationship, the pillars of masculinity, dealing with jealousy, and much more. Hope you dig.

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