GoldJacketLuke (Luke Eilers) is a popular YouTube personality with over 60,000 subscribers.

Luke makes videos on a range of topics from seduction, sexuality, personal development, and more recently pornography, masturbation, and the burgeoning #nofap movement.

Luke was a self-described “addict” when it came to pornography, which led him to exploring the dangers of pornography and excessive masturbation, and making a very revealing and intimate series of videos about his journey.

I found it inspiring, which is why I invited Luke over to my kitchen for this conversation. In today’s mutually revealing conversation, we talk about porn, masturbation, #nofap, tantra, and a lot more.

Hope you dig.

Mentioned in today’s episode:

  • “Most Successful Porn Star of All Time Speaks Out on Porn”

  • Luke’s YouTube channel
  • Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow by Marnia Robinson (Amazon)

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