Today’s episode features my conversation with the American singer Maya Azucena, who shares a cross-continental story of song and survival.


Born & raised in Brooklyn, New York, Maya travels the world inspiring people through her songs and listening to the stories of women from all different walks of life and social and political conditions.

She sings and speaks, joining world-movers at events such as TEDxWomen, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s Every Woman, Every Child event at the United Nations, as well as the One Billion Rising campaign, an international effort to end violence against women.

Maya Azucena has sung and performed throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and in our conversation she related some powerful and intense experiences from her performing, as well as her personal life.

In today’s show I ask Maya about how some traumatic personal experiences have impacted her art, how Asian audiences might differ from American audiences, and what it’s like working to build a career in the confusing landscape of the 21st century music business.

She also shares a moving and powerful story about performing to a very special audience in Burma, the power of song, and the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

Every artist has a unique and compelling story to tell, but after our conversation, I would argue that Maya’s story is more compelling than most.

I hope you enjoy sitting in on my chat with Maya Azucena.

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