Dr. Nerdlove is one of the most prominent (and prolific) dating advice bloggers.

And although his advice is often aimed at men, there’s a whole lot on his website with equal relevance to women. His voice is unapologetic, often funny, and aimed at helping men and women sort out the endemic confusion of modern dating.

As a fellow writer and coach, I’m always looking for other writers and thinkers who can lead men to the light. Voices who can help men see the error (and counter-productiveness) of their double standards regarding women and sex. I feel Dr. Nerdlove (aka Harris O’Malley) is particularly relevant, useful, and timely in this area, and that’s how I was originally exposed to his work.

It turns out he’s just as honest, funny, and engaging in conversation as he is on the page. In today’s episode of Humans in Love, Harris and I talk about his newfound side gig as a minister ordaining weddings, his early dating failures, experiences inside the “pickup artist” underground, momentary triumphs, and a subsequent “dark night of the soul,” his rise and redemption, along a whole lot of rock-solid dating and relationship advice for men and women alike.

Mentioned in this episode:

    • The brilliant psychotherapist and author Esther Perel
    • Lonely modern men

    • Neil Strauss’s The Game

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