David Tian, Ph.D, is a personal development coach specializing in dating and relationship advice for men.

He’s also a recovering pickup artist.

David hosts the popular YouTube show “Man Up!”, the David Tian PhD Podcast, and a host of popular courses in self-development at Aura Transformation. Originally Taiwanese, David spent most of his early life and education in Canada, before relocating to Singapore and Thailand, and later back to Taiwan. He has a fascinating personal story involving many trials and tribulations, constant evolution, and growth.

I’ve been following David’s work for many years now, and I’ve found it fascinating to witness his transformation from “pickup guru,” to a (married!) internationally acclaimed speaker and author specializing in psychology, philosophy, and the science of relationships.

In today’s episode of Humans in Love, David and I discuss his transition from academic to dating coach, the life (and eventual recovery) of a pickup artist, living in Asia, the science and psychology of seduction and long-term relationships, men’s hidden pain and the “red pill” online community, his transition into married life, and much more.

David is one of my favourite no-BS speakers on personal development, and I was excited to connect with him for my podcast.

Hope you enjoy.

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