Dating Essentials for Men is the latest title from renowned therapist Dr. Robert Glover.

Dr. Glover is the author of the iconic men’s development classic, No More Mr. Nice Guy. You might remember him from Episode 17 of this podcast.

I was privileged to catch up with Dr. Glover once again to talk about his new book.

In today’s episode of Humans in Love, Dr. Glover and I discuss Dating Essentials for Men, men’s work, the importance of finding a good coach, how to be “authentic,” essential ingredients for success in dating and life, the Jordan Peterson phenomenon, the “manosphere,” what Dr. Glover has learned about making marriage work, how he survived two divorces, and much more.

One of my favourite conversations so far. Hope you enjoy.

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  • Dating Essentials for Men by Dr. Robert Glover [Amazon]

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