Carsie Blanton is an American singer-songwriter, blogger, entrepreneur, and all-around funky human being.

(You might remember Carsie from Episode 2–her father, Brad Blanton, talked about her gorgeous song “To Be Known,” and I played it at the end of that episode.)

Her latest album is “So Ferocious,” which features some of the best-written pop songs I’ve heard in a long while. Carsie is also a brave and compelling blogger, writing about topics as diverse as creativity, #metoo, non-monogamy, and much more.

carsie blanton

In today’s thrilling new installment of Humans in Love, Carsie and I talk songwriting and the creative process, the state of the music industry, sex and relationships, jealousy, non-monogamy, her open marriage, her father’s influence, plans for the future, life (and death) in the city of New Orleans, and a whole lot more.

This is another one of those episodes I dreamed of long before I started recording interviews for HIL: a mishmash of many of my favourite discussion topics (creativity, music, sex, and relationships) under one podcast roof, with an unpretentious, open, and honest guest.

I really enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you do too.

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