Dr. Brad Blanton is a world-renowned American psychotherapist, and the author of the self-help classic Radical Honesty.

Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton is one of the most impactful, occasionally jarring, and important books I’ve read over the past few years.

Dr. Blanton’s central message is that dishonesty, ranging from “white lies” to major omissions, is the cause of most of our psychological problems, and almost all of society’s problems. Brad stresses the incredible liberation of being more honest with yourself and the people around you, resulting in better relationships, a better career, and an all-around happier, more peaceful life.

brad blanton

Brad is an interviewer’s dream

–a man publicly committed to “radical honesty.”

In this podcast Brad and I talk about sex and jealousy, drugs, the humble origins of Radical Honesty, the challenge of co-habiting and intimate relationships (open and otherwise), his involvement in the anti-Vietnam War movement, the lessons he learned working in a mental institution, his run for the Senate as a left-leaning independent in a red state, his many decades working as a psychotherapist, and much more. Brad Blanton was just as much of a straight-shooter, not to mention funny and engaging as I anticipated.

It’s important to stress that “Radical Honesty” is a nuanced philosophy and practice. If you’d like more information about Brad and his work, please sign up for his free mini-course at radicalhonesty.com.

Mentioned in this episode:

    • Brad’s TEDx talk, “How to get over shit and be happy”

    • Brad’s daughter and future Humans in Love guest (wait for Episode 4!), singer-songwriter Carsie Blanton

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