Zach Poitra is a modern-day Ayahuasca shaman, and the co-founder of La Familia Ayahuasca.

La Familia Ayahuasca is a retreat center in Guatemala devoted to promoting personal transformation with Ayahuasca, an ancient South American spiritual medicine.

Ayahuasca is having a cultural “moment” in the west.

You’ve probably heard of it by now.

All kinds of people from disparate backgrounds, from CEO’s to yogis to lawyers and beyond, are experimenting with the substance, drawn in by tales of its mythical, mysterious power, and transformational potential.

Unfortunately, this new interest has also attracted a number of Ayahuasca “charlatans” seeking a quick profit.

Zach Poitra is not one of those people.

Zach abandoned a lucrative career in finance and a comfortable life in the United States to travel deep into the jungles of Peru, attend meditation retreats, and undergo several years of intensive study and training with ayahuasca deep in the jungle. He spent years gaining firsthand insight into the drug, its medicinal properties, its limitations, and more, from the most knowledgeable people on the subject.

Zach was the perfect guest to educate me about his work as an Ayahuasca shaman, the history of Ayahuasca, its potential for personal healing and transformation, and much more.

But above all, I wanted to know more about Zach’s own story–how do you go from a mortgage, and a 9-to-5, and a three-piece suit, to giving up everything for the jungles of Guatemala?

I really enjoyed hearing Zach’s story, and I think you will, too.

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