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August 2019

“Lost in paradise” (The Mekong Review)

July 2018

Retroactive jealousy: Obsessed with my partner’s past (BBC News)

September 2017

Marg Stockill: In Loving Memory of an Incredible Woman

July 2016

Tim Heidecker’s “Befuddling” Success: An Interview (PopMatters)

April 2016

“Without a Net:” A Conversation With Peter Frampton (PopMatters)

‘How To Watch A Movie’ is Valuable Reading For Novice Film Buffs (PopMatters)

February 2016

“At the Service of the Song:” A Conversation with Angelique Kidjo (PopMatters)

December 2015

A Voice on Air: Frank Sinatra and the Golden Age of Radio (PopMatters)

‘The Voice’ at 100: Frank Sinatra Jr. Speaks Out (PopMatters)

October 2015

“Living and Breathing:” A Conversation with Glen Hansard (PopMatters)

‘Hemingway in Love’ is Engaging and Harrowing Storytelling (PopMatters)

“It’s the Process That’s Wonderful:” An Interview with Spooner Oldham (PopMatters)

June, 2015

Calcutta is a Vivid, Sensitive, and Perceptive Literary Portrait Of The City (PopMatters)

Exposing The Dark Side Of Philanthro-Capitalism (PopMatters)

April, 2015

Review: I Am Sorry To Think I Have Raised A Timid Son (PopMatters)

February, 2015

Review: The Struggle for Pakistan (PopMatters)

January, 2015

On Desire

November, 2014

How To Get More Work Done In A Cafe

An Interview With Earth, Wind & Fire (PopMatters)

October, 2014

Keep Canada’s Parliament Open To The Public (Huffington Post)

Think Long And Hard About Your Own Death If You Want To Live (High Existence)

Everyday Joy in Medellin (Medellin Living)

September, 2014

How I Learned to Party Through Pain (Huffington Post)

August, 2014

“No Complaints:” An Interview with Former Beatle Pete Best (PopMatters)

The 5 Types of Fans You See At Every Baseball Game (Huffington Post)

June, 2014

Scientific Proof That Guitar Players Are More Attractive Than Everyone Else (Mic)

Learn How To Play Guitar By The End Of The Week (Huffington Post)

May, 2014

Why So Many Rock Stars Die At 27, Explained By Science (Mic)

13 Essential Music Apps That Aren’t Pandora Or Spotify (Mic)

April, 2014

9 Rock Bands That Show What It Really Means To Be A Brother (Mic)

The Defining Pop Anthem For Every Year Of Your 20s (Mic)

If Our Generation Had Its Own Woodstock, This Is What It Would Look Like (Mic)

March, 2014

What I Learned A Year After Publishing My First Book (Huffington Post)

February, 2014

On the Necessity of Giving Your Gift (Huffington Post)

Interview: French DJs Breakbot and Irfane take Colombia (PopMatters)

November, 2013

The Elder Statesman of Afrobeat Opens Up (PopMatters)

The Most Important Lesson for Men Who Aspire to Greatness (Huffington Post)

The Roots of Salsa in Puerto Rico (PopMatters)

October, 2013

“Tango” Will Spark a Love Affair with the Magnificent Dance (PopMatters)

September, 2013

What Do Women Want? Offers More Questions For Us to Ponder (PopMatters)

August, 2013

100 Things Beatles Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die (PopMatters)

Van Dyke Parks: “Songs Cycled” (PopMatters)

Jim Guthrie Takes Time (PopMatters)

July, 2013

David Lynch: The Big Dream (PopMatters)

Harry Nilsson – “Save the Last Dance for Me” (PopMatters)

Paul McCartney & Wings Soar in “Rockshow” (PopMatters)

Review: ‘Journey of the Universe’ & ‘Journey of the Universe: Conversations’ (PopMatters)

Investigative Journalist Jeremy Scahill Goes Deep Inside the Modern with ‘Dirty Wars’ (PopMatters)

March, 2013

Review: “The World According to Dick Cheney” (Huffington Post)

On Ladies Men and the Ladies Who Love Them: An Interview with Betsy Prioleau (PopMatters)

January, 2013

First Rate People bio (official band website)

December, 2012

2012: The Year in R & B (Huffington Post)

August, 2012

“Just Look Busy!”: On Life as a Background Actor (Huffington Post)

July, 2012

Considering the Goat in Kashgar (Huffington Post)

December, 2011

Interview: Great Aunt Ida (Discorder Magazine)

October, 2011

Interview: Kathryn Calder (Discorder Magazine)

September, 2011

One Last Word on Charlie Sheen (Huffington Post)

May, 2011

India: No Indians Allowed (Huffington Post)

Kolkata: Summertime on Sudder St. (Huffington Post)

The Want for Privacy: Facebook’s Assault on Friendship (Huffington Post)

April, 2011

Election 2011: Deconstructing the myth of Canadian exceptionalism (rabble.ca)

Nothing to ROFL About: On the Poverty of Our Electronic Vocabulary (Huffington Post)

March, 2011

Between Bombay and Brooklyn: The Bollywood Remake Project (Huffington Post)

February, 2011

Consuming Enlightenment: Jeremy Piven’s India (Huffington Post)

Hope in the Era of Obama: A Lesson from Egypt (Huffington Post)

January, 2011

Oprah as Opiate: The Man with the Golden Voice Reconsidered (Huffington Post)

The Top-Five Albums You Might Have Missed in 2010 (Huffington Post)

December, 2010

Hitchens v. Blair: Religion in the 21st Century (Huffington Post)

November, 2010

The ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign: Change I Can Believe In (Huffington Post)

Tips for Traveling Couples (Huffington Post)

Possibility: An Eight Year Old Meets the Beatles (Huffington Post)

October, 2010

Combating Homophobia in the Classroom (Huffington Post)

September, 2010

Apple in China: Or, Why My New Toy is Covered in Blood (Huffington Post)

The Importance of Being Hitchens (Huffington Post)

August, 2010

The Trouble With Travel Writing (Huffington Post)

“Go Veg, Young Man!” Eating Through India (Huffington Post)