Dr. Brad Blanton is the author of the self-help classic Radical Honesty. His daughter, Carsie Blanton, is among the finest pop singer-songwriters of her generation.

You might remember Brad from Episode 2 of this podcast, and Carsie from Episode 4.

brad blanton
carsie blantonBrad and I connected via email and social media in the aftermath of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, and today’s conversation followed from that.

Last night I connected with Brad and Carsie on Skype to talk about mourning Bourdain, suicide, depression, our deep-rooted need for human touch and connection, radical honesty, the orange fella in the White House, the specter of fascism, and more.

I feel grateful for this conversation, and to have Dr. Blanton and Carsie on today’s show as my first repeat guests.

Mentioned in this episode:

    • Anthony Bourdain, the late author and TV presenter

  • Radical Honesty by Dr. Brad Blanton (Amazon)
  • Radical Parenting by Dr. Brad Blanton (Amazon)
  • “Fish and Whistle” by the great John Prine

  • Episode 2 of Humans in Love: “Jealousy, Relationships, and How to Get Over Shit and Be Happy with Dr. Brad Blanton”
  • Episode 4 of Humans in Love: “Songwriting, Open Marriages, ‘Hooks, Humour, Sex, and Soul’ with Carsie Blanton”

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