The Most Important Lesson for Men Who Aspire to Greatness


From the Huffington Post:

Lately I’ve been immersing myself in books and articles about entrepreneurship, startup companies, and business development. Earlier this week I came across an article which was a real eye-opener for me, with major implications for my life going far beyond my business. In it, John Muldoon writes that if you want to build an “extremely successful” business, you must create more than you consume:

You have so many opportunities to consume… stuff. I don’t know quite what to call it. Content?

You have reality TV, Facebook, millions of blogs, games on your phone, 24-hour news networks, and Reddit. You’re consuming this post right now.

Unfortunately, most consumption doesn’t actually help you. Not in terms of your business being successful.

Creation is what matters.

All entrepreneurs know this instinctively. You have to make stuff. Whether it’s software, or food, iPads, advice, gourmet spices, an electric car, or even a blog post…entrepreneurs are defined by what we create.

And then it hit me: all of the men I respect are creators, first and foremost, as opposed to consumers. Everyone who is remembered — for something, anything — created more than they consumed. If you really want to change things, you have to build things. The idea seemed so obvious, though I had never considered it in these terms…

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What are your thoughts on all this? What do you want to create, for yourself and others? How do you choose what information to consume, and what to ignore? Let me know in the comments section, or join me on Facebook. I’d really appreciate your insight.

  • 30daylifeupgrade

    Truth! Something I’ve been working on as well and the reason I started blogging. I want to make sure that I’m putting something out into the world.

    At the end of the day its instinctual, we all want to be remembered for something and provide value to the world. Just gotta get out there and do it!

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